Launched in 1978, the Carefree Learner is celebrating over 30 years on Sarasota Bay as a valuable educational resource for students and adults.  


Field trips aboard the Carefree Learner give participants the opportunity to observe organisms living in and around the bay through hands on activities. 

School trips are conducted to monitor water quality, sample marine life, and perform population surveys of the Roberts Bay Rookery.  The data collected has been used in marine science classes, students’ research projects, and by various agencies and groups involved with Sarasota Bay.

Quick Facts

  • United States Coast Guard registered vessel - inspected annually for safety equipment and seaworthiness.
  • Launch Date - March 8, 1978
  • Approximately 174,000 students and adults have studied Sarasota Bay Ecology for over 35 years on board the Carefree Learner.
  • 41’ in length - capacity 25 students or 20 adults

Typical Year's Usage: 

  • Middle Schools - 90 sixth grade trips
  • Sarasota High School – 75 marine science classes
  • Adults - 30 trips to include American Littoral Society, Englewood Shell Club, Sarasota Audubon Society, and Sarasota Shell Clubs.